**September 5, 2019-
If you have received a phone call stating you have an appointment at The Breast Clinic, please disregard. There is an error occurring in our outgoing message system. The intended message is posted below.**

After 37 years in practice, Dr. Sandra Hanson is retiring and closing The Breast Clinic of Fort Walton Beach.

Dr. Hanson has partnered with mymedicalimages.com to introduce her patients to a new way to view, share and manage their own medical images and records. In the upcoming weeks, her patients will receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve their images. 

If you are a patient of Dr. Hanson and have additional images that you would like to begin managing on mymedicalimages.com and use referral code: Hanson. (This will help associate your account with Dr. Hanson's office and ensure the transfer of your medical images and records goes smoothly.)

If you have any questions about the mymedicalimages.com email notice or if you are a current patient of Dr. Hanson and have not received an introductory email by October 31, 2019, correspondence may be sent to Sandra Hanson, M.D., PO Box 666, Shalimar, FL 32579 or emailed to tlrowan_fwbbreastclinic@yahoo.com. 

Thank you for having chosen me as your physician. It has been my pleasure and honor to serve you. I wish you continued health and wellness. 

Sandra L. Hanson, M.D.