Mammography is a specific type of imaging that uses a low-dose X-ray system for examination of the breasts.  Successful treatment of breast cancer is linked to early diagnosis and mammography is crucial to early detection.  Women should have a mammography every year after the age of 40.  This does not elimnate need for breast self examination monthly which may reveal a rapidly growing turmor which did not show on prior mammogram.

Preparing for your appointment:

  • Please do not wear any deodorant, perfumes or body lotion, these may look like suspicious microcalcifications.

  • Bring all previous mammography films and reports with you to your appointment for comparison.

  • Bring a list of previous surgical procedures and diagnostic tests such as bone density, MRI, PET scans etc.

  • Please bring a current list of all medications.

  • Prior to your appointment, ask family members about any relatives (maternal or paternal) with a history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

  • Wear a two piece outfit to your exam, so you only have to remove your blouse for the exam. 

Please complete the form below and bring in to the office or fax in ahead of time to 850 862 6264 prior to your mammogram.
Mammogram Questionnaire (PDF)

If you don't have Acrobat reader, get your free download here.